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  • June 2014

    -Publication of the second research paper related to the project. (written by Emre, edited by WASET)
    Article details: "Control of an Asymmetrical Design of a Pneumatically Actuated Ambidextrous Robot Hand" edited by World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), International Journal of Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Energy Science and Engineering. Volume 8, Number 5, pages 990-995, 2014.
    (Co-)Authors/researchers: Emre, Anthony H. and Dr Kalganova.

  • April-May 2014

    -Total reconnection of the Ambidextrous Hand to electronic and pneumatic interfaces, including manifolds to increase the movement's speed. (Emre)
    -Recalibration of grasping movements with the new pneumatic system. (Emre)
    -Video recording of movements. (Anthony H., Emre and Mashood)
    -Presentation of the Ambidextrous Hand to the International Conference of Autonomous Robots and Agents 2014 (ICARA 2014), sponsorised by WASET. (Emre)

  • March 2014

    -Publication of the first research paper related to the project. (written by Emre, edited by CTA)
    Article details: "Remote-Controlled Ambidextrous Robot Hand Concept" edited by Journal of Computer Technology and Application (CTA), David Publishing Company, USA. Volume 4, Number 11, pages 569-574, November 2013.
    (Co-)Authors/researchers: Emre, Alexandre, Fabrice, Zhu, Souraneel, Itziar, Michel, Dr Paramonov, Dr Turner, Prof Stelarc and Dr Kalganova.
    -Partial reconnection of the Ambidextrous Hand. (Emre)
    -Demonstration of grabbing features on objects (an egg and an Arduino microcontroller). (Emre)

  • January-February 2014

    -Research about new pressure transducers, adapted to Festo's muscles. (Mashood and Emre)
    -Repairs of the Ambidextrous hand's thumb. (Mashood and Emre)
    -Testing of the new pressure sensor, decided it was not adapted to the project. (Emre)

  • December 2013

    -Deconnection of the pneumatic and electronic interfaces in view to upgrade the system using manifolds (Mashood and Emre)

  • November 2013

    -Basic movements of right/left hand, including ambidextrous features. (Emre)
    -Video footage and putting online. (Mashood)
    -Literature review on control about pneumatic systems and robot hands. (Emre and Mashood)
    -Research and ordering of manifolds specifically adapted to the Ambidextrous Hand structure. (Emre, with the help of Mashood and Shadow Robot Company)

  • October 2013

    -Knowledge transmission about pneumatic interface, electronic system and hardware design. (From Emre to Mashood)
    -Redesign of the analog relay interface. (Mashood and Emre)
    -Connection of all the fingers' phalanges to the pneumatic and electronic interfaces. (Emre and Mashood, with the help of Anthony H.)
    -Synchronized movements of several fingers in same time. (Emre)